Scientific Program, topics and sections of the Conference

Program of the «Information Technologies and Systems - 2021»: download

Plenary session:

10.00 room 229, building 1 (24.11.2021)

Chairman - Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Leonid Shilin

Welcome speech to the participants of the International Conference "Information Technologies and Systems - 2021".

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Code: 174962

Section: Control Systems

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Code: 132467

● Modeling of control systems;
● Automated research of control systems;
● Design of control systems;
● Microprocessor control systems;
● Information technology in control systems;
● Systems for transmission and protection of discrete information;
● Telemechanics systems;
● Elements and devices of control systems.

Section: Intelligent Information Technologies

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Code: 1RHT5F

● Design of knowledge bases;
● Intelligent search for information;
● Intelligent problem solvers;
● User interfaces of intelligent systems.

Section: Information processing system

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Code: 123

● Mathematical models and methods of information processing: statistical, numerical, logical, graph, neural network and others;
● Analysis of multidimensional data;
● Methodological problems and technologies for training specialists in the field of information processing systems;
● Technologies and standards of programming and design of information processing systems;
● Systems and tools for user collaboration;
● Information security in automated information processing systems.

Section: Design of embedded systems

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Code: 3LkidE

● Design and rapid prototyping of embedded systems on FPGA;
● Design methodologies for IP-components of embedded systems;
● Software and hardware protection of the IP component;
● Testable design and testing of embedded systems;
● Reconfigurable embedded systems.

Section: Mathematical modeling and computer graphics

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Conference ID: 945 4733 8798
Code: 14kKP3

● Methods for solution of mathematical physics equations;
● Methods of nonlinear optimization;
● Models and methods of heat and mass transfer;
● Mathematical models and methods of computer graphics;
● Computer graphics hardware;
● Algorithms and methods of interactive software products.